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I wish you could know Lisa. I wish everyone could know Lisa! She’s the real deal. Fortunately, she has written this book overflowing with inspirational encounters that will encourage, inspire and empower each of you to experience the richness of the heart of God. Let her story and the insights that she shares, catapult you into your own adventure with God!”

Jeremy Mangerchine
Artist, Author “The Longest Bridge Across Water” “The Table And The Dream” “The Quitters ManualHeading 3

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"Lisa has given us something absolutely precious with this book. The Lord has given her the uncommon ability to lead the reader through deep and intimate waters with an easy book and fun to read! Read this book with expectancy in your heart. Anticipate your Father touching your own heart and speaking right within your spirit as you follow her on this journey. Thank you Lisa for sharing your story!"

 Nick Padovani
Pastor of The Almond Branch
Author of The Song of the Ages

"Touching the Father's Heart through Prayer" will certainly help take the power and impact of your prayer life to a new level.  But even more, it will help unlock new levels of intimacy, connection, and relationship with your Heavenly Father.  Lisa reveals how prayer can be more – MUCH more – than simply an ask-list of God.  Read this book, and discover how prayer can usher you into realms of deep-unto-deep, heart-to-heart union with your Heavenly Father.

Robert Hotchkin
Founder, Robert Hotchkin Ministries / Men on the Frontlines

This book is written in a style that makes the reader feel like Lisa is a personal friend sitting across from you at a table, and personally sharing her great testimony and experiences with Jesus. In this book, essential Truths are not passed over, but chapter upon chapter Lisa builds on the foundational Truths that bring a follower of Jesus into a fully matured and balanced relationship with Him. Lisa moves powerfully in the prophetic and with great compassion she has poured into the lives of many, including myself. Read this book, learn from Lisa’s amazing experiences with the Lord, and start a life of experiencing the deeper, fuller, and richer things of God in a marvelous new way!

Pastor Tom loud-
Author of “Unlocking Kingdom power”.
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