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We believe that everyone has a great story to share.

Touched by Prayer internet radio show and podcast, interviews and shares stories about ordinary people who have extraordinary encounters with God.

Since 2014, Touched by Prayer has interviewed Authors, Teachers, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, and everyday ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share about God moving in their lives!


Nov 20

gina phillips

I have Gina Phillips joining me for a special night of Touched by Prayer. It is written in Ephesians that we battle not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities in the heavenly. Well, Gina has learned how to battle well! Tune in and hear how God is equipped us to win those wars!

Nov 24

God has special angels who are the messengers delivering the word of God. Throughout the Bible, these angels shared the plans and purposes of God.
Are these angels still used by God? Are we still seeing that same kind of angelic visitation as in the Bible? I believe we are because I have friends who have shared these types of heavenly encounters.My guest is one of those friends who has had incredible encounters with angels, Jesus, and the host of heaven. Micah Turnbo is a Seer Prophet and the Pastor of Prophetic Ministry at Vineyard Church Northwest in Cincinnati, Ohio. Micah’s mission is to encourage people to connect to the heart of God and his goal is to see friends of God encounter him in a real way.
You don’t want to miss this fun conversation as we share encounters, insight, and encourage you to start to engage with heaven!


Nov 17

Roxanne Worsham

There’s no denying that God is always speaking—be it through His Word, a friend, creation, or even an animal. The question is…are we always listening? Are we looking for God and His love that is all around us?
My guest is Roxanne Worsham and in her book ”My Dog Can Preach” she recounts messages of God’s love that was learned by observing the characteristics and behaviors of her beloved dogs, Scout and Arrow. Her light-hearted story vignettes are fun, engaging, and full of inspiration.
Tune in and listen to the stories that show us how God will use anything, even your dog to catch your attention!
Tell your favorite animal lover to join in on the conversation as we share insight about how God cares for all our furry friends.

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