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We believe that everyone has a great story to share.

Touched by Prayer internet radio show and podcast, interviews and shares stories about ordinary people who have extraordinary encounters with God.

Since 2014, Touched by Prayer has interviewed Authors, Teachers, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, and everyday ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share about God moving in their lives!


Oct 21


Growing up in Northern Ireland, prophet Emma Stark was raised in an environment that cultivated boldness and a no-nonsense approach to the prophetic. Now, through heart-warming, shocking, and funny real-life stories and practical activations, she releases an impartation of faith and encouragement that will propel you to go beyond your fears and into your wildest expectations and dreams of being a bold truth-teller. In her latest book “The Prophetic Warrior” Emma is helping the reader to get ready to walk in a new level of boldness, faith, and authority!

oct 13


F. E. A. R.  or False Evidence Appearing Real is a constant battle inside many of us.
The thoughts that flood us when we are trying to do something new can sometimes leave us paralyzed. What would your life look like if you didn't have to fight off those lies? Well on this show my guest Julie Lavender is going to share some secrets that will kick fear to the curb! Broadcaster, author, musician, and public speaker, Julie Lavender, is a rare blend. She’s a heartfelt singer-songwriter, a classically trained guitarist and pianist, who is naturally inclined to swing. Julie is a studio pro and influencer who thrives on creative innovation and connecting with her audiences. But not so long ago, Julie was paralyzed by stage fright. Now, as an overcomer of disabling performance anxiety, Julie has a passion to help others beat their fear and anxiety by creating music, broadcasts, stories, and mentoring experiences that help unleash the Designer’s dreams planted inside each of us.

sept 29

A line has been drawn in the sand. God has given many the choice to turn to him or turn away. No longer could you stand in the middle trying to play both sides of the field. Many have felt this pull and have made some hard choices turning away from fame, fortune, or influence. These courageous individuals are not swayed by the conviction of man, but by God. Their choices have caused an uproar to the puppet masters of control. In Hollywood where the majority swayed left a remnant rises and begins walking away and making a hard right! My guest is Antonio Sabato, Jr and he has chosen the hard road of righteousness. Supporting our President, Freedom, and God, Antonio was blacklisted from Hollywood. His love of God and country propelled him from heartthrob to carrying the Father’s heart.
In his latest book, “Sabato, The Untold Truth” Antonio shares the generational struggle his family had to endure in order to have freedom. This book takes you through his days as the billboard of Calvin Klein underwear, General Hospital fame, and his courageous struggle to leave the fame to grab hold of faith
You don’t want to miss this interview as we talk about his past, present, and future that God has planned for him!

Antonio Sabato Jr.
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