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Touched by Prayer internet radio show and podcast, interviews and shares stories about ordinary people who have extraordinary encounters with God.

Since 2014, Touched by Prayer has interviewed Authors, Teachers, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, and everyday ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share about God moving in their lives!


may 19

Chris Mckiney

Speaking in tongues, also known as glossolalia, is a spiritual gift in which the gifted person

speaks words in a language unknown to them, as they are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Some Christians believe they speak in heavenly languages or languages of angels. Others believe God gives them a personal prayer language that the Holy Spirit uses to enable them to pray. Still, other Christians believe they are speaking in certain earthly languages that

are not known to them.
The gift of tongues opens up an entirely new way of communicating with our Heavenly Father. I believe that this powerful outpouring of The Holy Spirit is what brings deeper intimacy with God. My guest Chris McKinney believes that too.
As a contributing writer in the book “Speaking In Tongues- Enjoying Intimacy With God Through Tongues and Interpretation” Chris lays out his beliefs and discoveries of this spiritual phenomenon. Tune in as we chat about “The Great Outpouring”!

JUN 02

Sam Wagner

We are in a war. A battle between dark and light, good versus evil. The conflict is very grueling and each day presents a new battlefield to engage in. What we sometimes fail to realize is this is all taking place in the spiritual realm. There is a very strategic way to navigate through this clashing of thoughts and emotions that are looking to rule you. It’s when we go higher and get our direction from above. My guest is Apostle Sam Wagner, Senior Pastor of New Foundation Church. After serving in the United States Marine Corps and retiring as a Sergeant with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol he has learned how to take direction. He knew that every day he would be facing a new situation and he needed guidance from his superiors. Apostle Sam now uses that same approach in his ministry training up the men and women of God. Listen in as we discuss “Time to Get Your Marching Orders!”

May 26

We have heard of the courageous nurses and doctors who have been on the frontline during this difficult time. These selfless individuals have always laid down their life to assist others. It was a calling that they chose to answer. My guest has not only answered the call to be a nurse for her state of Louisiana but has been a missionary nursing the nations. April Nielsen has traveled around the world with different ministries to spread the love and healing of Jesus. I met April in 2016 when I was visiting New Orleans. That day I saw the fiery passion of the love of God as she and a team ministered to the homeless.
Her stories of joy and adventure will not only inspire you but put a fire in you to be used for the Kingdom! Tune in as we chat about “Healing The Nations”!

April Neilsen
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