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Everyone has a good God story and every God story is a good story to share


May 14

todd & Tamara

What does it look like to live a supernatural life? Are you engaging with angels? Have you seen miracles happening around you? My guests are Todd and Tamara Engwall and they have seen all of that and so much more. Now they want you to have a supernatural breakthrough too. Tune in and get ready for a supernatural upgrade!

 may 07

Dr. mark l. gurley
mike Gurley .jpeg

Did anyone ever tell you that Jesus wants to heal you from your illness, and deliver you from your addictions and that there’s even a miracle, believe it or not, waiting just for you!
Join me and my special guest Mark Gurley as we discuss his newest book “Healing, Deliverance & Miracles-Revelation to Recieve Life Changing Results”. It's time to start living out the great commission and live a life Jesus died to give you!

APR 30


Take out your sword! It’s time to slay some dragons on Touched by Prayer and my guest Gunter Akridge knows how to do it.
In his latest book “Kill The Dragon-Reclaiming Your Life From The Dark Side Of Religion” Gunter tackles the greatest dragon we face and that is the spirit of religion. His great love for the church challenges him to draw his sword to pierce the lies that many believers are facing. We will not only discuss his book but pray that Jesus opens our eyes to the real enemy we should be fighting. You don't want to miss this episode so you can begin taking back what the enemy has stolen!

apr 23

Elaine Santo

God looks at his children with love and acceptance. He sees not only the beauty but the gems living inside each of us. JESUS was not only sent to redeem us, but to pull out the gold that we don't see. 

My guest is Elaine Santo and she understands what it's like to live an unvalued life.

Through many obstacles and her faith in God, a fatherless, underprivileged young girl lived out her dream by escaping the clutches of poverty and advancing herself to the Miss America Pageant. We will discuss how Elaine was miraculously healed and how she continues to trust in God's faithfulness throughout her life.

apr 16

steve harmon

We can read the Bible and believe the perspective that we had two different Gods. The one in the Old Testament was cruel, controling, and demanding man to obey. In the New Testament, we see God as gentle, loving, kind, and forgiving.
What so many fail to see is God is the same throughout the Bible. It's our understanding of who God is that helps to reveal his goodness.
My guest is Steve Peace Harmon and he has seen how very good God is especially when confronting evil. Steve has been traveling the world setting many believers free from the stronghold of the idea that God has bad intentions for us.
You want to tune in and hear just how very good our God is.

APR 02


There are a lot of distractions right now trying to pull our attention from what God is doing and wanting our focus to be on what the enemy wants. This tug-of-war is confusing and brings in great deception.
Jesus warned us that rumors will be told to us, yet we are not to believe all that we hear.
My guest Kathie Walters has been a loud voice shouting out pay no attention to the rumors, but concentrate and focus on what God is doing!
Kathie Walters was born and raised in England. She and her husband David were part of a revival in the South of London during the late sixties and early seventies. They saw many hundreds of young people saved in the Schools, Colleges, and Universities at that time.
   David and Kathie moved from England to America in 1977. David has been used mightily training thousands of churches how to help the children bring in the anointing .
Kathie presently travels the world and ministers in churches and conferences. She has authored 17 books Angels Watching Over You, Living in the Supernatural, Parenting by the Spirit to name just a few.
   Kathie has a heart for people and encourages them to let their giftings and callings come forth under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. She believes there are many powerful ministries hidden in God's people, and this is the time for their release.

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