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Touched by Prayer internet radio show and podcast, interviews and shares stories about ordinary people who have extraordinary encounters with God.

Since 2014, Touched by Prayer has interviewed Authors, Teachers, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, and everyday ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share about God moving in their lives!

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July 27

Michael Vanvlymen

Many are saying that judgment begins in the house of God. As many leaders are beginning to taking a stand against the corruption that has been going on behind the church doors.
God is holy and he will no longer tolerate the sins that many have turned a blind eye to avoid scandal. Unfortunately, we have hit a tipping point and righteousness needs to become the standard in ministry. In the Old Testament God used his prophets to address those individuals and the church to bring correction to the followers. God is raising up his prophets once again to cause a course correction back to purity and holiness. My guest author and Prophet Michael VanVlymen has been given the assignment to address the mess and loving pull the Bride out of the muck and mire. Tune into “Judgement In The Pulpit” for a sobering look at what has happened and how we can change it!

July 20

Donna Grisham

Millions of women have struggled with the pain and loss in choosing abortion. The choice was hard and the ramifications of their decision have put them into  a world of secrecy. This secret has been deeply hidden into the recesses of their minds. Trying to move forward and hoping no one ever knows is the pain and shame they live in. My guest knows how it feels to live a life after an abortion. Donna Grisham suffered from that trauma and tried so very hard to keep that buried deep. God, however, wanted her free and so he began a beautiful work in her. Donna not only got the healing she needed, but God wanted so much more for her. While working on the television show ‘Sid Roth’s It's Supernatural” Donna was visited by Jesus. In this encounter, he told her to write a book and share the stories from others about healing after an abortion.
Not only did Donna write “Journey Of Choice”, but she also hosts her television show called “The Real Pro-Choice” on the It's Supernatural Networks. Donna wants everyone to know that healing and restoration are possible after an abortion with the love of Jesus.
Tune in and listen to her powerful story of redemption!



What happens when you think you lost everything only to find, Jesus which was all you needed? What if fame and fortune were being used as a way to bring you back into the Father’s arms? What if love and the desires of your heart were just waiting for you to let go and run to Him?

All that happened to my guest, CJ Wheeler. CJ calls herself a media gypsy. After working in every facet of broadcasting CJ knew that God had something so much more for her. Walking away from the spotlight CJ let go and let God walk her into the destiny he had planned.

CJ is now living out her dreams married and successful. Her DC-based PR Firm “Book It CJ” Specializing in Media Exposure for Conservative, Christian, & Veteran Voices. Her wide range of clients has included Dallas Jenkins, the Director of “The Chosen”. You don't want to miss this interview and hear her amazing testimony.