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Everyone has a good God story and every God story is a good story to share


APR 02


There are a lot of distractions right now trying to pull our attention from what God is doing and wanting our focus to be on what the enemy wants. This tug-of-war is confusing and brings in great deception.
Jesus warned us that rumors will be told to us, yet we are not to believe all that we hear.
My guest Kathie Walters has been a loud voice shouting out pay no attention to the rumors, but concentrate and focus on what God is doing!
Kathie Walters was born and raised in England. She and her husband David were part of a revival in the South of London during the late sixties and early seventies. They saw many hundreds of young people saved in the Schools, Colleges, and Universities at that time.
   David and Kathie moved from England to America in 1977. David has been used mightily training thousands of churches how to help the children bring in the anointing .
Kathie presently travels the world and ministers in churches and conferences. She has authored 17 books Angels Watching Over You, Living in the Supernatural, Parenting by the Spirit to name just a few.
   Kathie has a heart for people and encourages them to let their giftings and callings come forth under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. She believes there are many powerful ministries hidden in God's people, and this is the time for their release.

mar 19

toni imsen
toni Imsen new.jpeg

The church is at a tipping point as we are heading into the purification process of changing the buildings into the bride. For so long the importance of keeping the church doors open has meant turning a blind eye to improper behavior. The body of Christ is beginning to not only address this but trying to correct the bad behavior of leaders who have misused their authority.How do we help to turn the ones trapped in unhealthy lifestyles and direct them back onto a path of righteousness so they can fulfill their destiny? My guest Toni Imsen has been that voice advocating for change in ministry. She has not only pastored along with her husband Ted, but has been used mightily to help many who have been hurt by the church.
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Mar 12

Elizabeth Marrero 
Eliz Marrero.jpeg

Every morning, we step into autobiographies of our lives. We zip up and button on the stories we choose to share with the world about who we are. The colors we wear, the fabrics, the styles, they are each their message to anyone we see. What does your fashion say about you?
Unlock the mysteries scriptures hold about the way we dress. Unveil your unique, sacred style and why it is crucial to the world. Discover the divine fashion and glory you were created to reflect through Fashion: Holy. Sacred. Pure.
My guest Elizabeth Marrero was born in Orlando, Florida where she began designing clothes at the age of fifteen. She is certified in Fashion Design & Merchandising as well as Sewing & Dressmaking. She is passionate about infusing creativity into everything she does to display God's love to the beholder. She believes every gift we've been given is meant to be shared with the world around us for this purpose.

FEB 13


All of us are recovering from something. Whether it’s an addiction, a painful incident from our past, or a daily challenge just to get by in this world, something is holding us back from the promised land life God wants for us. My guest Brit Eaton is the co-writer of “The Uncovery Devotional-Rethinking Recovery One Day At A Time”. This book that will teach you how to live free of what holds you back. It will help you take those steps toward a better, healthier, happier you. Brit Eaton is a writer, teacher, spiritual director, and all-around pursuer of the kingdom of God. She helps corporate, nonprofit, and ministry leaders find the words to say to move people to action. Find out more at

Jan 30

Chris blackeby
Chris Bio Pic 1.png

The proverbial question many Christians ask is what would Jesus do? The answer may surprise many believers because he wouldn't respond as a christian. I’m so excited to have Chris Blackeby share his awesome revelations of who Jesus is and who we are! Chris Blackeby stands as a beacon of clarity and passion in the realm of spiritual education and ministry, serving as the Creative Education Director of “As He Is Ministries".Chris’s profound understanding of the pure and undiluted gospel, as well as the concept of the New Creation, fuels his mission to guide and empower all of God’s children to live a religion-free life as true Sons of God.

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jan 23

TBP Celebrates
      10 Years
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Join me as Touched By Prayer celebrates 10 Years.

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