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Since 2014, Touched by Prayer has interviewed Authors, Teachers, Pastors, Prophets, Apostles, and everyday ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share about God moving in their lives!


AUG 04

There is a secret that is now being discussed openly by more people than ever. That secret has been hidden in plain sight and whispered behind closed doors of society. Many brave individuals have tried to expose the secret and have paid a huge price to do it. The secret is human trafficking and it’s a multi-billion perhaps even trillion-dollar industry. The victims were lured in and held in bondage. The chance of escaping grew dimmer with each passing day. Hopelessness and shame took over the joy of living a full life leaving the victim trapped in addiction, depression, or suicidal thoughts.

However, God was pursuing those trapped. A voice calling out to them in the quiet of the night. He lit up a door that shined brighter in their darkest pit of despair. That door was Jesus and once they walked through everything thing changed. My guest broke free and walked through that door. Her courageous transparency has brought many to Jesus and her story is helping many to walk through the same door into freedom! Annie Lobert is a wife, speaker, author, entrepreneur, thought leader, advocate for the abused, non-profit founder and CEO) and a survivor of more than a decade of sex trafficking in Hawaii, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas. She is known for being one of the first women to openly speak about her experiences in being sex trafficked, and one of the first to start a non-profit outreach and safe house to help victims of abuse as a survivor-leader.




There's a fascinating pattern of humanity which comes into view when we open our hearts to the question: do I live with Truth as my guiding force or do the lies of negativity lure me in with their clamor? I believe we all intuitively know Truth when we see it but often tend to slide back into believing lies when life gets tough.- Andrea Joy Moede My guest is author and speaker Andrea Joy Immegart Moede. In her book “The Path of Truth”, Andrea Joy shares her journey of learning how to walk in truth. It’s in the pages of our life that hurts, lies, wounds, and unforgiveness begin to detour our path. Through her book and stories, she shares the ability to not only break the power of lies over our life but to build back the stepping stones of truth for us to walk on. Join us as we share our life journey from walking on the paths of deception and left it to run on the road to truth!



Sometimes through the hustle and bustle of life, we lose our insight on where to go. The trials and tribulations seem to knock the wind out of our sails and we are stopped dead in our tracks. The tools and the weapons we used have been laid down or put away as we hunker down for the storms to pass us by. This season especially has been hard-hitting for so many in the body of Christ. The fact that many are not moving or using their weapons is revealing a weakness in the walls of faith that we have. God is now saying it's time to move again and to sharpen our weapons! My guest is Andrew Towe and he is an emerging prophetic voice to this generation! His bold delivery and explosive preaching are authenticated by his accuracy, integrity, and passion to see lives transformed by the power of God. In his latest prophetic word God has told him that all is not lost, that we are going to redeem the time and do so much more! Tune as we chat about this word, what God is saying and his upcoming book

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