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APR 13

nick padovani

The book of Song of Songs in the bible is filled with the imagery of the great love that Jesus has for his church. We are beginning to enter in as the bride and the preparation of the great wedding feast. My guest is author Nick Padovani and he has written his third book on this the greatest love story. His understanding of the passionate love that Jesus has for us will help you to see yourself as the bride.

apr 06

adam f thompson

I’m so excited to have Adam F. Thompson back on Touched by Prayer.
We are going to discuss the lost book of Enoch who is the great grandfather of Noah. This book of the bible has engrossed in controversy, mysticism, and deeper revelation of Angels. So much of the book of Genesis and creation is further discussed in each chapter of Enoch. I can’t wait to discuss this fascinating book!

mar 30

Kelly faulkner

Join me tonight for a time of Intercessory prayer and worship. My guest Kelly Faulkner has been called to bring and sing the praises of Jesus. As we gather together this most Holy Week of Resurrection Sunday the prayers of the saints are going forward. In this episode, we are going to lift the word, the prayers, and the songs to our Savior JESUS! 

If you never understood why worship and word are so powerful after tonight you will! 

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