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Everyone has a good God story and every God story is a good story to share


june 11

Sandra Benaglia Smith
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What does a conqueror look like? It looks like someone who is still standing through trials, turmoil, disappointments, trauma, and even devastation. My guest Sandra Benaglia Smith has endured and still is standing. In her book “Reflections Of A Conqueror,” Sandra details through her book how her faith, trust, and devotion to God were vital. Sandra has a heart to see the captives set free, healed, and delivered. She wants to encourage and raise spiritual sons and daughters and an army of Believers into a deeper relationship with the Lord and to see them walk in the fullness of their identity and inheritance in Christ. Tune in as Sandra helps to show you that there is a conqueror in you too!



God is always connecting people for bigger reasons than we understand. Those types of relationships I like to call “Kingdom Connections” and they serve a huge purpose in your life. We meet lots of people, but not all of them are Kingdom. How do you know the difference? Well, my guest is Toni Bogart-Syvrud,  she is one of those connections and we are going to talk about it.
Toni Bogart is an experienced worship leader, speaker, and currently works in the Production Department for Sid Roth, Host of "It’s Supernatural!" Toni's accomplishments also include serving as a Singer with PTL Television Ministries from ’83 to ’87, earning several Angel Awards as the featured soloist.

MAY 28

resistance chix.jpeg

Resistance Chicks are two sisters who share a passion for self-sufficiency and spreading the truth about current events. They operate a suburban farm and homestead in southern Ohio. Leah and Michelle Svensson have become passionate advocates for truth and self-sufficiency, through their farm, online presence, and news commentary program. Their message resonates with people globally who seek a better future for themselves and their families.

May 14

todd & Tamara

What does it look like to live a supernatural life? Are you engaging with angels? Have you seen miracles happening around you? My guests are Todd and Tamara Engwall and they have seen all of that and so much more. Now they want you to have a supernatural breakthrough too. Tune in and get ready for a supernatural upgrade!

 may 07

Dr. mark l. gurley
mike Gurley .jpeg

Did anyone ever tell you that Jesus wants to heal you from your illness, and deliver you from your addictions and that there’s even a miracle, believe it or not, waiting just for you!
Join me and my special guest Mark Gurley as we discuss his newest book “Healing, Deliverance & Miracles-Revelation to Recieve Life Changing Results”. It's time to start living out the great commission and live a life Jesus died to give you!

APR 30


Take out your sword! It’s time to slay some dragons on Touched by Prayer and my guest Gunter Akridge knows how to do it.
In his latest book “Kill The Dragon-Reclaiming Your Life From The Dark Side Of Religion” Gunter tackles the greatest dragon we face and that is the spirit of religion. His great love for the church challenges him to draw his sword to pierce the lies that many believers are facing. We will not only discuss his book but pray that Jesus opens our eyes to the real enemy we should be fighting. You don't want to miss this episode so you can begin taking back what the enemy has stolen!

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